Newsletter and Email Campaign Management

Newsletter & Email Campaign Management

Newsletters are an underestimated way to connect and continue to connect with your past, current, and future clients. We develop newsletters for our clients to be able to use them from their own admin panel once completed. We also can continue to develop ongoing newsletter campaigns for you should you want that service. We will brand the emails to your business identity, and then we will take a list that you may have from existing emails and import them to one platform that you can monitor and edit. This platform will condense your emails to one list and give you the options to send out mass email campaigns or selective campaigns specifically designed to reach a certain demographic.  Some useful features of our newsletters:

  • Condense your clients emails to one list
  • Promote events , promotions, or discounts
  • Send multiple emails with one button
  • Schedule emails to be sent out at certain times/frequency
  • Drive traffic to your website(s)
  • Stay connected with past, present, and future clients

If you are interested in this service, or if you have questions regarding our email campaign creations, please call us at (559) 797-5487, or fill out the form below, thank you.

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